About Me

A Scientist-artist

Photography, derives from the Greek φωτός and γραφή, means literally light-drawing.

As a scientist, photography means capturing the photons. Understanding all the technical details helps getting technically perfect images.

But that's not enough, since light is only the means necessary for this form of drawing, called photography, which means it is primarily an art. Treating photography as an art completes the void pure rationalism lacks of.

And I believe this mutual completion will yields perfection. And this is what I pursue.

My Equipment

To pursue perfection, I use some of the best equipment available.

The Nikon D800-E is used as the main tool, which offers the best class resolution, image quality, low light performance, and AF system.

Nikon 14-24mm F2.8G, 70-200mm F2.8G VR II, and Sigma Art series 35mm F1.4, offers the best combination for any situation. They especially suits well in event and wedding photography, for example.

The Sony A7R and A7 are also used for creative reasons. With specialty lenses ranges from ultra wide aperture 50mm F0.95, Voigtlander 35mm F1.2 II to ultra wide angle 21mm F1.8. Zeiss FE lenses are also used for its superb micro-contrast and 3D look.

Other lenses like macro lenses and teleconverters are also used.

Other equipments are, for example, color calibration tools, portable printer for on site printing, etc.

And lastly, let us not to forget videography. Although I consider myself primarily a photographer, videography cannot be ignored today. The so-called HDSLR is so popular now, which gives unique film like results. You can see one of my work here.

The Picture

Let us take a look of my equipment:

and my collection has expanded a lot since I took this photo.